Camel Race Competition in Khara Desert in Central Iran

Camel Race Competition in Khara Desert in Central Iran

The sixth camel race competitions was held in “Khara” desert in Iran’s central province of Isfahan. Khara desert covers a vast area near Varzaneh city. Due to myth “Saba” city is buried in these sand dunes.

Jara Desert about 100 kilometers East of Isfahan and Yazd, Isfahan Province, located 150 kilometers West. The desert of East Gavkhoni pond, north of the city Varzaneh and river, on the south by Hassan Hassan Abad Abad and the West to the axis connecting the Varzaneh limited. This area is covered sabulous (sand dunes or geomancy), which has a range of South America. In the southern part of the width to 500 meters. In the northern part of the desert oval shape that environment long oval surrounded by sand dunes and hills greatly reduced in height oval. The highest sand dunes about 100 meters height is located in the northeastern section of the oval.

Sabulous average height of the sea level around 1450 meters. Sand desert in the southern part of South America will become the second wall and the wall between the two calcareous soils are alkaline. The two walls near the southwest lagoon Gavkhuni join together to form a single wall with north-south direction merits. The single-walled trigger about 9 km from the lagoon near the south end Gavkhoni continues.

According to different winds in this area, various forms longitudinal dunes of sand dunes, sand dunes are visible arches and pyramids that is unique of its kind in the country. Sabulous area of about 17,000 hectares.


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