Video| Iranian women music group performed online during Coronavirus

Video| Iranian women music group performed online during Coronavirus

‘Khoniagaran-e Mehr’ the famous Iranian women traditional music group performed online during coronavirus. The first case of Covid19 in Iran was officially announced on February 19, 2010.

“Khonyagaran-e Mehr” is a female musicians band with a brilliant background, led by Behzad Abdi,that performs various concerts in persian music.
“Khonyagaran-e Mehr”, consists of twelve musicians, formed in may 2017. In August 2017 they held a successful concert at the Vahdat Hall with Mohammad Motamedi as a singer.

In October 2017, “Khonyagaran-e Mehr” performed at the “Eimehestan” festival in Armenia and received award from Culture Minister of Armenia.
In February 2017, “Khonyagaran-e Mehr” performed at the Fajr Festival with Vahid Taj as a singer.This performance was appreciated by the audience.
In july 2017, two music videos of Khonyagaran-e Mehr were displayed for a month in Expo of Kazakhstan.
In August 2018, “Khonyagaran-e Mehr” held a concert for Iranian ladies in Niavaran Cultural Center with a singer named “Sayeh Sodeyfi”.
In November 2017, the soloists of “Khonyagaran-e Mehr” held a concert with the Organizal Orchestra in Kostiol church in kiev, Ukraine.
In February 2018, “Khonyagaran-e Mehr” and Vahid Taj performed in Philharmonic Hall of kiev, Ukraine.

In February 2019, they performed at the Fajr Festival with Navid Norouzi as a singer.They also performed in closing the Fajr Music Festival.
In March 2019, they held successful performances in three cities of Germany : Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt.
In April 2019, they performed at the “le Magie des Hirondelles du Printemps” festival in Paris,France.
In April 2019, held concert in Bern,Switzerland.
In October 2019 held concert in Womex festival in Tampere, Finland.

WOMEX 19 is one of the world’s largest music events which hostd publishers, independent musicians, organizers, and state organizations in music every year from over 90 countries.

Khoniagaran-e Mehr’ founded and led by Behzad Abdi.

Mehrnam Rastegari (Kamancheh),
Samaneh Barouti, Nazanin Rousta (Qichak Alto),
Neginzadeh Vakili (Qichak Bass),
Hila Feyzpour (Tar),
Torgol Khaliqi (Tar and Rabab),
Seda Sedifi (Qanun),
Rokhsareh Rostami Daristani (Oud),
Bahareh Heydari (Tar Bass),
Sheida Ghazi (Ney),
Mehrnaz Dabirzadeh (Tombak and percussion instruments)

About Behzad Abdi

Behzad Abdi (born 1973, Tehran) is an Iranian composer of opera, film and television music

He came to international attention in 2006 with his “Nuclear Symphony”, commissioned by the government to celebrate Iran’s nuclear achievements.

The IMDb database cites film and television music for no less than 43 productions between 2010 and 2018.

Abdi studied setar and Iranian traditional music and also Western classical music at the Tchaikovsky Academy in Ukraine, beginning his studies there in 2003.

He has been described as “the first composer to write Iranian traditional opera fusing Iranian traditional and Western classical music.”

His opera “Rumi” from 2009, based on the life of Rumi, with libretto by Behrouz Gharibourm, and with Mohammad Motamadi, has been released on a UK label, Naxos.

Abdi is currently based in Kiev, Ukraine.

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