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Price of things in Iran

Water 500 CC: 35,000Rial
Water 1000 CC: 40,0000 Rial
Milk 1000 cc: 200,000 Rial
Coca Cola 300cc: 70,000 Rial
Pepsi 300cc:  87,500 Rial
Non-alcohol beer: 87,000 Ria

Baghali Polo (Rice With Dill And Fava Beans) In Iranian cooking,

Sandwich: 400,000-700,0000 Rials
Burger: 600,000-900,0000 Rials
Kabab: 500,000-3,500,000 Rials
chelo Kabab: 700,000-4,000,000 Rials

Price of things in Iran

chicken per 1 KG: 750,000 Rial
Lamb per 1 KG: 1,800,000 Rial-2,250,000 Rial
Beef per 1 KG: 1,700,000 Rial-2,200,000 Rial

Oil 1000 CC
Fuel EU4: 15,000 Rial
Super Fuel: 1000cc: 35,000 Rial
Gasoline: 3000 Rial
CNG GAS:  3200 Rial

Tehran Taxi

Tehran Metro

On way metro ticket: 25,000 Rial
Public Taxi: 50,0000-200,000 Rial
Private Taxi: Start from 200,000 Rial
Iranian Taxi Service App: Snap, Start from 150,000 Rial
TBT Taxi

Price of communication in IRAN

MCI temporary Sim card: 200,000 Rial
Irancell temporary sim card 4G: 200,000 Rial
MCI 4G Internet Package:  7GB 30 days: 282,000 Rial
Irancell 4G Internet package: 7GB 30 days: 282,000 Rial

Update: 25 June 2022

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