Iran files application to CAS on Salimi’s case in Rio 2016

Iran’s National Olympics Committee has said it will file an application to CAS about the events during Tuesday’s events in weightlifting competitions in Rio.

Kiyoumars Hashemi who is in Rio de Janeiro announced the story on Wednesday; “all experts of weightlifting saw on night of August 16 the scope of bias and partiality of the juries under the illegal influence by the head of Asian Weightlifting Federation who had been sitting just behind the jury members; after all 3 lights were white, thus approving Salimi’s second attempt in clean and Jerk sub-category, the jury members renounced their initial decision effectively to deprive a champion of his gold medal which was inevitable,” Hashemi told reporters. “Incontrovertible evidence is the list of jury members where the name of notorious Mohamed Hassan Jaloud is missing, but who, along with his wife, exerted undue influence on the final decision.”


Jaloud has been quite hostile to Iranians and according to weightlifting observers, Salimi’s failure was due to personal hatred Jaloud developed toward head of Iran’s Weightlifting Federation Ali Moradi, who was present during the event.

“Accordingly, and in attempt to redeem Behdad Salimi’s rights to be heard in an international tribunal, we file the application to CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport); this is only a small part of our commitment to this champion and will spare no opportunity to address the issue in the CAS to the end and to the final verdict of the tribunal,” Hashemi emphasized./ MNA

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