IRAN’s Oil products export capacity hits 500K bpd

Deputy oil minister announced that exports capacity of various Iranian petroleum products has climbed to 500 thousand barrels per day.

Managing Director of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) Abbas Kazemi described the latest status of implementing new gasoline production units inside the country saying “gasoline production increase project of Bandar Abbas Refinery will come on-stream by September 10 while it is expected to become fully operational in October.”

He also pointed to the rise in sales of various Iranian crude products asserting “currently, a daily total of 400 thousand barrels of oil products are being shipped to regional and global markets while the figure marks a record high throughout the 100-year history of Iran’s oil industry.”

Meanwhile, the official underlined that infrastructure restrictions are hindering exports of petroleum products, gas oil in particular, in Iranian ports and oil terminals.

At this juncture, the capacity exists to deploy a maximum of 500 thousand barrels of different crude products to global markets, he underlined.

Kazemi maintained that expansion and equipment of oil terminals are being undertaken aiming to increase exports volume; “it is estimated that one harbor will be added to the four existing ones in Mahshahr terminal.”

Presently, Kerosene, diesel oil, mazut and jet fuel are being exported abroad, said NIORDC managing director adding “moreover, gasoline imports will drop to five million liters with operation of the gasoline production unit in Bandar Abbas Refinery.”

Deputy oil minister, while pointing to the plan to stop gasoline imports as of 2017, reiterated “self-sufficiency in petrol production is attainable by the coming year in view of ongoing plans.”

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