Sweden, Iran to open joint hospital

A health and social care delegation of Iran headed by Nourbakhsh, the CEO of the Social Security Organization of Iran, met with Swedish officials of health area in Stockholm.

Seyyed Taghi Nourbakhsh, the CEO and Managing Director of the Social Security Organization of Iran who is visiting Swdish capital city of Stockholm held several meetings with local officials like Gabriel Wikström, the Swedish Minister for Public Health, Healthcare and Sports, and Annika Strandhäll, Swedish the Minister for Social Security.

During the meetings, the Iranian delegation briefed the Swedish on the organization and services of Social Security Organization of Iran and heard about the health system in Sweden to exchange ideas for future expansion of cooperation.

The Iranian officials also held meetings with the officials of the Swecare Foundation and Swedish National Export Credits Guarantee Board.

The two sides exchanged the experiences of electronic prescription and the ways to convey the expertise acquired by the Swedish as the system is 12 years old in Sweden.

Also the representatives of the Swedish National Export Credits Guarantee Board said that they have been recently in Iran to weigh the risk of economic cooperation with Tehran and they have found that the risk of cooperation with Tehran is so lower than before and it facilitates trade and finance cooperation between the two countries.

After the Iranian delegation headed by Dr. Nourbakhsh paid a visit to the New Karolinska Solna (NKS) Hospital which is under construction in Solna Municipality, municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden, the Iranian and Swedish officials agreed to examine the feasibility of a joint hospital to be built by Iran and Sweden.

Also, Dr. Nourbakhsh had a meeting with representatives of Ten Swedish Companies of health area to talk over the ways to expand cooperation in areas of pharmaceutical industries, medical equipment, and hospital construction.

According to another agreement made during Nourbakhsh’s visit to Sweden, a Swedish delegation would travel to Iran in near future to follow up the procession of agreements made in this visit and finalize some other agreements under which are currently under consideration.

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