Iran’s South Pars 19th phase to start operation

Time has been ticking for South Pars 19th phase since the construction phase and now it would contribute to national gas production a hefty amount of 14 million cubic meters daily.

Pars Oil and Gas Co. public relations office informed Mehr News on Tuesday that only days had to be elapsed so that the 19th phase entered operation; “the gas output of the phase will be in a process of sweetening on land phase and will provide refineries with necessary feed,” said Hamid Reza Masoudi, the head of public relations office.

“Currently, 22 million cubic meters of gas are produced in offshore part of the phase, and after sweetening, 19 million cubic meters of gas are contributed to national grid,” Masoudi said.

The major contractor of the phase has been Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company. The company had set a record by completing installation of the rig in 3 hours earlier in July.

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