Iranian fishermen welcome fishing season in Caspian Sea-Photo

Iranian fishermen welcome the beginning of the fishing season on the shores of the Caspian Sea./ Photo: MNA

The Caspian Coast

domestic tourist center
Caspian ‘Sea’ – world’s largest lake
Caspian produces 90% of the world’s caviar
shores noted for their wet climate
Gilan produces a large percentage of Iran’s tea
area of diverse natural beauty

The Caspian coastline is one of the most popular destinations for Iran’s domestic tourists. Sandy beaches give way to wide open steppes, thickly forested foothills and eventually the bare peaks of the Alborz mountain range. For many Iranians, especially those from Tehran, the lush vegetation and spectacular natural scenery, along with the tropical summers and mild winters, offer a striking contrast from city life and the dry interior.

As a result, the three provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan which front the Caspian Sea (in fact, the world’s largest lake) are studded with resort complexes, leisure facilities and holiday homes.

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