Iran, Algeria sign medical Mou

Speaker of Algerian National People’s Assembly Mohamed Al-Arabi Ould Khalifa on Friday lauded Iran’s significant achievements in medical treatment and healthcare and called for development of cooperation between the two nations.
Ould Khalifa, in a meeting with Iran’s Health Minister Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, called for continuatinued cooperation and negotiations with Tehran on regional and global developments.

Following the visit by the Algerian president to Tehran and other mutual visits by officials from the two countries, Algeria and Iran have managed to make more profound their historical ties as well as cooperation in economy, monetary sector and scientific fields, he said.

Hashemi , on his part, referring to consolidation of ties between Iran and Algeria, underlined that political and economic relations between the two nations will continue to grow.

During their meeting, the two sides reviewed enhancement of cooperation on healthcare and science, while they explored ways to facilitate implementation of the previously-signed agreements and strike new deals in a bid to further deepen ties and share experiences in various fields.

The two sides also mulled over regional unrests and underlined the need for respecting sovereignty of other nations to help restore security and peace at global level.

The Iranian minister also highlighted significant breakthrough in Iran’s medical treatment particularly in pharmaceutical drugs, scientific researches as well as social insurance.

Speaker of Algerian National People’s Assembly also lauded Iran’s efforts in medical treatment and scientific researches and called for continued cooperation and exchange of experiences in various fields.

Iran’s health minister arrived in Algeria on Wednesday upon an official invitation by Abdelmalek Boudiaf his Algerian counterpart. / IRNA

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