Parkour life of Iranian boys and girls+photo+video

Parkour has made its way to life of Iranian youth and you can see groups across Iran practicing parkour moves.

Parkour life: Iranian women get physical

Guardian: Parkour’s popularity among young women in Iran is soaring, despite the bulkier clothing and head coverings Islamic dress codes require them to wear. The outdoor sport, a fast-paced hybrid of gymnastics and martial arts, seems designed to get you out of a fix quickly, which perhaps explains its appeal to young Iranians, whose social lives in the strict Islamic republic often require considerable agility. Iran’s female practitioners are running their own threads on Persian-language forums and posting films online to showcase their skills. Unlike the men’s scene, with its heavy rap culture overtones and emphasis on group rivalries, the girls’ movement comes across as more athletic and purposeful, despite the greater challenges women face practising outdoors.

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