Photo: َHistorical Bazaar of Arak

Historical Bazaar and old part of Arak is the identity of the city, but due to little attention it has been damage. The last sample of this damage was Sara-e-Vakil in Chaharsoogh, the first caravanserai in market. Whatever threatens this historic complex is the risk of damage over the time due to the brick and mud materials. This complex will be preserve in comprehensive plan.

Arak Sara-e-Mehr complex building is one of the oldest and rare caravanserai, which built during Fath Ali Shah Qajar in historic market. This complex was recorded in national index, but the absence of comprehensive plan for maintains and repair caused the historical collection, which is the latest example of Iranian style of architecture and urbanism, faced with a lot of problems.

This caravansary in old days designed, away from machine life with a certain elegance in three floors with a domed roof and beautiful interconnected porch for exchange goods and passengers accommodation. In the environment of this caravanserai, a beautiful blue pool with 8 sides glaring. Now this pool like a handmade pottery painting by an elderly artist, present their beauty to viewers. The existences of caravanserais in Arak market are loveable part of this collection. Mehr caravanserai is a craft museum and a place for local artist to gather together. This beautiful building has a rare architecture in Arak which attracts any viewer comments.

This old building has created by master artist and architectures with a special delicacy for caravans and passersby in the central plateau of Iran to take a rest. Now this beautiful place to stand firm and remain as a legacy of art and a place for artist and creators crafts that put a new life in to this building. The coppersmith combines with artistic and architectural beauties to be a manifestation of today and yesterday art.

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