Iranian handball star won Rookie of 2016 of EHF

The Iranian handball player of Romania’s Dinamo Bucuresti’s Sajjad Esteki won ‘ Rookie of 2016’ title of VELUX EHF Champions League in 2016, garnering 62 percent of the votes.

The thrilling Iranian long-range shooter had earlier become the top goalscorer of the European Champions League in 2016, with 68 goals in nine matches — three more than Magnus Bramming from Denmark’s Team Tvis Holstebro club, reported.

Sajad Esteki,An Iranian handbalist who plays in Europe

Esteki, 26, who put in brilliant performances in the European tourney, is the first Iranian and Asian handball player to earn these two European honors.

The other nominees for the title were Nedim Remili (PSG), Bramming (TTH Holstebro), Andreas Wolff (THW Kiel), Dika Mem (Barcelona) and Nebojsa Simic (IFK Kristianstad).

Iran handball stars

Many iranian handball stars play in the other countries . Allahkaram and  Sajjad Estaki and Alireza Mousavi playing in Dinamo bucharest also Shaho Nosrati plays in Steaua bucharest in Romania. Mohsen Babasafri who is goal keeper and Sasan Mousakhani  played in Turkey. Amin Yousefnejad joined to Metalurg Macedonian handball club. Afshin Sadeghi plays in Swiss. Daniel komayeshnejad  play in Malemo club in Sweden and


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