Iran deploys naphtha cargo to Japan

The second naphtha cargo produced at Setareh Khalij Fars Refinery has been shipped to Japan.

Following exports of the first naphtha cargo to the United Arab Emirates by OPEC Affairs Department of the Ministry of Petroleum, a second package, with a volume of 280 thousand barrels, has been deployed to Japan.

The second shipped cargo is expected to reach destination in coming days.

Setareh Khalij Fars Refinery, as the first condensate-based refinery, enjoys a capacity of 360 thousand barrels per day and comprises distillation units, liquefied gas refining, catalytic converter, naphtha refining, isomerization, refined kerosene and gas oil.

Situated in vicinity of Bandar Abbas refinery, the complex is in final stages of construction and aims to produce gasoline, diesel, LPG and jet fuel.

The required feed for Setareh Khalij Fars Refinery will be supplied through a 485-km pipeline derived refineries of South Pars gas field.

Upon completion, the project will increase the country’s gasoline and gas oil output capacity by 36 and 14 million liters respectively.

Also, Setareh Khalij project is expected to yield four million liters of LPG, three million liters of jet fuel as well as 130 tons of sulfur per day. The refinery enjoys about 11 million barrels of capacity for storing petroleum products.

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