Iran exports $350mn machine-made carpet annually

Iran exports $350mn machine-made carpet annually

Member of the Board of Directors of Iran Textile Specialists Association Alireza Haeri said that $350 million worth of machine-made carpet is exported from the country annually.

Statistics show that machine-made carpet accounts for half of Iran’s total export value of textile industries, he reiterated.

Of about $700 million exports of textile industry, more than $350 billion of which is related to the machine-made carpet, he stressed.

He put the volume of machine-made carpet produced in the country in the past Iranian calendar year (ended March 20, 2019) at 90 million square meters, about 60 million square meters of which hit the domestic market.

The country enjoys high capacity of producing up to 120 million square meters of machine-made carpet per annum if appropriate export markets are taken into consideration for this product, Haeri stated.

He is of the opinion that carpet exporters can be supported duly with granting export loans, considering facilities for repayment of these loans, offering export incentives and facilitating trade relationship with other countries.

Iranian machine-made carpet is considered as the most expensive textile product in the world in terms of design, quality and color, he said, adding, “if domestic production of machine-made carpet is supported, this product can get lion’s share in the international markets.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Haeri said, “the country enjoys high capability of exporting machine-made carpet up by $1.5 billion annually.”

He called on responsible officials to pave suitable ground for exporters in line with spurring exports and export activities both in national and international arenas.

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