Iran’s Defense Ministry to produce 3rd generation of COVID-19 test kits

Iran’s Defense Ministry to produce 3rd generation of COVID-19 test kits

A high ranking official with the Iranian Ministry of Defense said that scientists of the body are working to produce the third generation of COVID-19 test kits.

The news comes as the body has already unveiled and mass-produced two generations of test kits in the past 40 days.

“First-generation kits identified N gene; we have designed and produced the second generation of kits that were stronger regarding the detection ability. God willing, we will have the third generation of kits that will rely on Rdrp gene,” said Reza Allahveren, head of the emergency and medical department of the ministry, on Saturday.

“We will have no problem for the production of test kits,” he highlighted.

“The Defense Ministry’s duty in the first place is to provide defense equipment for the armed forces, however, given the scientific capacity of the body, we can address the needs of the country which is now happening during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Last week, the ministry unveiled the second generation of test kits able to diagnose the COVID-19 disease in less than three hours and with 98 percent accuracy.

Iranian Defense Ministry started mass production of face masks, disinfectants, and protective clothes from the early days the outbreak hit Iran. The body also unveiled advanced thermal cameras to be used as a screening tool in crowded places.

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