Iran produces 1200 nano products

Iran produces 1200 nano products

The Secretary of Iran’s Nanotechnology Development Headquarters Saeed Sarkar on Sunday announced the production of 1,200 items of nano products in 18 fields of industry.

He made the remarks on the sidelines of the 13th edition of Iran Nano Exhibition on Sunday and stated that the products showcased at the exhibition is to familiarize different sectors of the country with the domestic capabilities and potentials.

It is predicted that trade and economic delegations from 10 countries will take part in this edition of the exhibition with the aim of getting familiar with the salient technological achievements in the field of nano, Sarkar added.

He pointed to the countries interested in participating in this exhibition and added that these business delegations from the countries including Brunei, India, Mexico, Russia and Indonesia which have shown vehement interest to take part in the exhibition.

It is hoped that the trade and business delegations will reach an agreement with the Iranian companies in order to spur country’s exports, he emphasized.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Secretary pointed to Iran’s rank in the production of science and technology in the region and the world and added that Iran is ranked first among the regional and Islamic countries in the field of nano-science production.

Iran also is ranked 4th in the world after China, India and the United States, he continued.

Currently, over 1,200 nano-based products have been produced in 18 fields of industry which have had a significant impact on updating and empowering industries, he added.

The 13th edition of Iran Nano Exhibition opened in the presence of some Iranian officials including Iranian agriculture minister Javad Sadatinejad in Tehran International Fairground in the north of the capital on Saturday.

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