Kurmanji Wedding ceremony / Photo+Video

The Kurmanji Kurds  are an ethnic group and part of the Kurdish peoples, they live primarily in Northern parts of Kurdistan (from Sarhad to Hakkaria and to Upper Mesopotamia) and in Anatolia (Turkey), north of Mukrian and in Khorasan (Iran), in Bahdinan region of Kurdistan (Iraq) also in northern parts over the Syrian Arab Republic.

In Quchan, Shirvan, Bojnord, Esfaraien, sycamore, Kalat and Dargazi of the most important is the people living in this area in the Kurmanji dialect and most people are. Turkmenistan is also a significant number who speak the Kurmanji Kurdish language, including the city’s turquoise.

Wedding of Kurmanji Kurds nomad/ Photo


Video: Kurmanj Women

Video: Kurmanji Dance

Video: Kurmanj Music

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