Iran’s new horse jumping record – Photo+Video

Show jumping championship of Iran held from 5 to 9 with participation of 43 top ranking cavaliers.
Riders found their way to the final day of the maximum height of 155 cm and a barrier 15 prevents the water jump.

Champion: Sheragim Habib with horse Waldo of Tehran, 6/02 faults
2nd Place: Maziar Jamshidkhani with horse Elita from Tehran, 6/62 faults
3rd place: Davoud Pour Rezaei with horses Amourka of Tehran, 7/18 faults

At the same time the puissance tournament was held and after some survey the jump with a height of 2 meters and 7 cm was registered in the name of Majid Sharif with the horse Kissinger.

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