Iran futsal team stands on 3rd place of World Cup 2016 + photo-video

Defeating Portugal 4-3 in the playoff, Iran’s national team won the third place in the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2016.

Iran vs Portugal FiFa Report

Futsal players grabbed the bronze after a six-round penalty shootout in the Coliseo El Pueblo stadium, in Cali, Colombia, on Saturday.

Iran suffered a 4-3 loss at the hands of Russia on Wednesday and lost the chance to reach the event’s final and entered the semifinals winning the play against Paraguay 4-3 on Sunday.

Portugal also lost to Argentina 5-2 and failed to book a place in the final and faced Iran in the match for the third place.

The eighth edition of the Futsal World Cup kicked off on September 10 and wrapped up on October 1 with Argentina defeated Russia 5-4 in the final and took its first ever title./MNA

Video: Iran Vs Portugal, Futsal world cup 2016

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