Iran, Turkmenistan reopen Bajgiran border

Bajgiran border was reopened on Saturday morning upon agreement reached between Iranian and Turkmen transport authorities.

Mohammad Javad Atrchian, Director General of the Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization (RMTO), made the announcement saying “the agreement was reached in line with development of transport and trade ties between Iran and Turkmenistan and Bajgiran border was reopened on passengers and vehicles.”

The official noted that the deal was signed as a result of negotiations and efforts of both Iranian and Turkmen delegations and aims to expand bilateral trade relations.

He outlined the agreement as a very positive step in the development of transport and reinvigoration of commercial exchanges between the two countries.

Atrchian also underlined that the remaining issues and problems between the two sides in transport areas are expected to be resolved in follow-up sessions and diplomatic channels.

RMTO managing director had previously reported on Iran’s three proposals to Turkmenistan including complete removal of taxes for both countries, return to former duties or continuing the current trend given that it causes no loss to Iran.

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