German automakers is coming to Iran

The head of Germany-Iran Chamber reported the signing of an automanufacturing contract between Germany and Iran to develop export hub in the region.

Omid Yaraghi touched upon coming of large German companies to Iran, saying a number of major German companies have begun talks with Iran.

“The initial studies were done and so far large companies including German automakers have gone to Iran,” Yaraghi added.

He emphasized that German companies tend to have a joint venture in Iran. “Volkswagen, as one of the world’s biggest carmakers, will widely bring their products into Iranian market.”

He added that the CKD kits are provided for vehicle assembly in Iran and in addition to sales to Iran they also will be exported to the neighboring countries.

Yaraghi announced that Iran will be a base for the export of Volkswagen in the region, adding the contracts have been signed in this regard and other German companies seek cooperation with Iranian counterparts.

He noted that Iranian consumers expect high quality products, and because German products are of high quality, we will witness high growth in investment and cooperation between the two countries.

Calling sanctions regime a bitter experience for the country, Yaraghi said it can be considered as a solution for the future.

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