Austria develops consular relations with Iran

The document of developing consular relations between Iran and Austria was signed at the end of the second meeting of the joint consular sessions of Iran and Austria in Tehran on Monday.

Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger, Austrian Director General for Legal and Consular Affairs and Ali Chegini of Iran’s Foreign Ministry met each other along with their accompanying delegations from different organizations, according to the latest announcement of Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Department of Media-wise Diplomacy on Tuesday.

The ways to ease popular interactions of both nations and develop consular ties were examined by the delegations of the both countries at the meeting and the two sides underlined the urge for bolstering strategies which will facilitate and develop all-out relations in areas of tourism, trade, economy, police cooperation, and peoples’ interactions.

Coordination of efforts to prevent illegal immigration was another area of bilateral talks.

The two officials, Mr. Chegini, and his Austrian counterpart, Ms. Tichy-Fisslberger signed, at the end of the meeting, the document of the decisions agreed upon for deepening of bilateral consular ties.

The second meeting of the joint consular sessions of Iran and Austria was held on Sunday and Monday in Tehran.

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