Tehran, Tokyo begin special coop. on emergency situations

Iran and Japan have launched a fresh round of combined effort aiming to supply water and electricity to the Iranian capital of Tehran in case of an earthquake.

Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting with deputy head of Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME), Iranian Deputy Minister of Energy Sattar Mahmoudi pointed to the need for development of Iran-Japan ties in water, electricity and energy sectors saying “these collaborations can be pursued in a variety of areas like new energies, solar and thermal energy, reduction of power losses as well as consumption management and energy efficiency.

Mahmoudi deemed Japan as one of Iran’s best partners in water and electricity industries asserting “grounds have been provided for cooperation between the two sides and collaborations will be sustained.”

The Iranian official recalled that Iran’s Energy Ministry has always had extensive synergy with Japanese organizations an excellent joint ventures have been carried out; “JCCME has previously held effective workshops for Iran’s private sector and the current meeting will lead to stronger future ties.”

“Training courses of JCCME have proved fruitful to Iranian specialists and the participation of 280 experts in water and power areas has been convincing,” stressed the official adding “JCCME can open a representative office in Tehran as a means of further deepening the ties and taking more serious steps by defining targets.”

He further enumerated venues for cooperation between the two countries including scientific, educational, research and infrastructure creation areas reiterating “great potentials exist in these arenas in which joint action can be manifested through holding training workshop and forming research teams no to mention technical and operational fields.”

Mahmoudi went on to express readiness of Iran’s Energy Ministry to launch partnership with the Japanese center in areas of water resources management, river management, urban water supply, water and sewage treatment as well as reduction of No-Revenue Water (NRW).

JCCME deputy head, for his part, noted that a bureau of the Japanese center will begin operation in Tehran in the year to come; “we hope to have stringer relations with Iranian experts and extend existing venues for cooperation from water to other sectors like electricity or energy.”

Water consumption is very high in Tehran and the Iranian capital has a high risk of having earthquakes, said the official noting “as a means of joint effort, JCCME will spare no effort to make sure people will have access to water and electricity in at the time of earthquake.”

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