Iran ships NGL to Pakistan

Iran has deployed a 71-thousande barrel shipment of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), comprising propane and butane, to Pakistan.

The fifth cargo of propane and butane produced at Siri NGL Refinery was loaded and exported to Pakistan as reported by the Iranian Offshore Oil Company.

Accordingly, a cargo, consisting of 51 thousand barrels of propane and 20 thousand barrels of butane, was loaded from Siri Oil and Gas Terminal and was carried to Pakistan through Persian Gulf waters.

Two years ago, Siri NGL Refinery began production of pentane for Iran to join the few countries producing the new and strategic gas product.

The plant is capable of produce 1,400 barrels of gas condensates, 1,500 barrels of pentane, 4,000 barrels of butane, and 8,000 barrels of propane per day.

Full operation of the plant is expected to bring about 1.5 million dollars of revenues per day and is placed among profitable projects in Iran’s oil industry.

The Siri NGL project includes Siri to Qeshm pipeline, Siri to Kish pipeline, Siri NGL plant, and Kish gas pressure boost station that are estimated to cost about 500 million dollars.

With final implementation and completion of the complex, gas flares of four Iranian fields in the Persian Gulf will fall into disuse and the gad, instead of being combusted, will be consumed by Siri refinery for production purposes.

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