Russian Railways set up representative office in Tehran

Representative of Russian Railways said the transportation company is seeking to set up a representative office in Iran.

Head of the International Cooperation Department at JSC Russian Railways Sergei Stolyarov made the remarks during a speech delivered at the eighth meeting of the Working Group on Iran-Russia cooperation and pointed to the international project pursued by the state-owned railway monopoly Russian Railways (RZD Holding) asserting “a total of 117 subsidiaries are members of the holding which encompasses 25 per cent of total investments made in Russia.”

Stolyarov went on to add that Russian railroads are 85 thousand kilometers long 40 thousand kilometers of which are electric; “RZD covers 45% of goods turnover as well as 26% of passenger services and holds representative offices in 40 countries.”

Russian Railways attaches great importance to ports and the company seeks trade development and presence in global markets by sales and supply of parts and equipment of the infrastructure section as well as implementation of projects and provision of consultation services.

Referring to the significance of Garmsar-Incheh Borun railway, the Russian official asserted “the rail path marks Russia’s key project in Iran as in June last year, our plan to activate Russia’s North-South corridor resulted in successful transport of cargo from India to Russia via Iranian railways.”

On Qazvin-Rasht-Astara railway, Stolyarov said “operation of the railroad is undoubtedly one approach to activation of north-south corridor and holds great significance to Russia.”

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