Photo: Celebration of birth Prophet Mohammad in Sanandaj city

Traditional celebration of birth Prophet Mohammad held in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, west of Iran. The people in Sanandaj play Daf instrument in this celebration.

About Sanandaj
Even by Iran’s super-hospitable standards, Sanandaj is a remarkably friendly city. It’s the capital of Kordestan province, a good base for visits to Palangan and a great place to learn more about Kurdish history and culture. You’ll see plenty of men wearing traditional cummerbunds and baggy Kurdish trousers. Yet it’s a modern, noticeably prosperous city with a large, fashionable population of students ever anxious to try out their English. In Sanandaj’s Sorani-Kurdish ju-an means beautiful and deso hoshbe means thank you.

Busily commercial Ferdosi St links the twin centres Enqelab and Azadi Sqs. From the latter, Abidar St slopes up into the folds of a rocky ridge that was the city’s historic defence and is today the pleasant Abidar mountain park.

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