Iran tourist flights resumed despite outbreak

Iran tourist flights resumed despite outbreak

Iran Air lines will resume flights between Tehran ,Istanbul and Dubai after Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.

Iranian airline to resume Tehran-Istanbul flights

Iran Air, the airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will resume flights between Tehran and Istanbul as of Monday, July 13, according to an official.

The head of Iran Air Public Relations Office, Hossein Jahani, said on Sunday that the airline will operate its first flight along the Tehran-Istanbul route on Monday after a four-month hiatus.

Iran Air is scheduled to operate two flights per week (Mondays and Fridays) from Tehran to Istanbul and vice versa, the official added.

Flights between Iran and Turkey were suspended about five months ago from the closure of borders due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In early March, based on the coordination between Iran and Turkey, two special flights were conducted from Istanbul to Tehran to bring home the Iranian visitors stranded in Turkey.

The two countries are considering reopening borders and resuming the flights which have been suspended since March over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tehran-Dubai tourist flights resumed

The tourist flights of Tehran and Dubai have been resumed since July 09 during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, by observing health protocols.

An Iranian Airline revealed the remarks on Sun. and announced, “the passenger flights of the Airline en route Tehran-Dubai-Tehran have been resumed since Thursday, July 9 amid the pandemic by fully observing health protocols and guidelines.”

In addition, the Airline has also revealed the launch of a daily flight via this route by full compliance with health guidelines.

It should be noted that passengers are admitted only with a tourist visa or a valid stay permit so that admitting passengers in transit form is impossible until further notice.

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