Netherlands builds floating oil terminal in Iran

Iran Oil Terminals Company (IOTC) reported that negotiations have been held with a Dutch firm to renovate and develop Iranian oil terminals in the Persian Gulf as well as establish a floating oil terminal.

The company’s Managing Director Pirouz Mousavi said on the sidelines of Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference (OEEC) in the Netherlands that Iran’s crude and gas condensate exports has reached pre-sanction levels, according to Mehr News Agency.

He noted that “currently, all facilities, equipment and infrastructures for storage, loading and exports on oil products have been renovated and upgraded”.

The official enumerated several areas for Iran-Netherlands cooperation including modernization of harbors, loading arms, storage facilities and Single Buoy Moorings (SBMs).

A number of SBMs used in Iranian oil terminals are Netherlands– made

He added that a number of SBMs used in Iranian oil terminals are Netherlands– made and partnership can be established for supplying required equipment.

“Presently, given the refurbishment of facilities, a total of 10 oil tankers can dock at Kharg terminal which caters for 93 percent of Iran’s crude exports,” highlighted Mousavi. He considered this achievement as a great success for the country’s economy.

IOTC official added that his company will continue to update storage and export facilities of crude and gas condensate to meet international standards.

Together with domestic companies which meet most of the demand, Dutch firms can also participate in the market, he added.

“Following the removal of sanctions, the highest loading per day at Iran’s Kharg oil terminal has been more than seven million oil barrels which were received by Iranian and foreign tankers,” he concluded.

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